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  • All JMD vehicles are installed with trackers and telematics which enable us to see live and historic location and movements of your vehicles, and YOUR cargo, anytime, any place in the UK.
  • JMD Haulage has been working closely with ContainerPort and is the first company to pioneer the system. ContainerPort
  • The ContainerPort system deploys PDAs as a sophisticated technology used to capture electronic PoD / PoC (Proof of Delivery / Collection) and customer signatures and act as an electronic data communication device. Incorporated with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, the PDAs are also able to capture vehicle locations ­in addition to basic job status information. Data is collected on a real-time basis, providing the user with real-time visibility and traceability of shipments as well as other reporting applications which reflect the most up-to-date status of transportation.This information can also be linked direct to the customers job that the truck has been assigned to so its visibility is available to all parties.
  • TOPS
  • TOPS (Transport Operations and Processing System) is a serious enterprise-level transport management system, designed to cater for diverse haulage activities, containers, general distribution, tankers and bulk, groupage and for both full and part loads.